Sunday, September 26, 2010

Colaboratay, Scenes 1-1 to 1-16

Hi, I'm Gareth A Hopkins (aka grthink) and here I present the result of a comic project that I and my friend Daryl Morris (aka anxietydecending) completed in Jan 2010 at our shared blog Colaboratay. It wasn't the only project we worked on there, but it was arguably the most successful.It was Daryl that suggested it -- a conversation in comic format, one frame at a time. Daryl started it with Scene 1-1, and then I did Scene 1-2, and so on. Each frame was done postcard sized (6"x4") in case we wanted to collect and frame them at a later date. The pace was pretty frantic, considering we've both got quite a lot on, and after this first sixteen, we started another run, but we ran out of steam with an unresolvable argument about the quality of the film Cool World (that link is a little dig from me).As we were working on it, we were also having other conversations -- in real life, via email, and via the comments on the blog as we posted our scenes up. These conversations informed the direction of the comic -- for instance, Daryl's switch to living in a black and white world directly followed a conversation IRL about Vib-Ribbon. These conversations formed a rich meta-layer to the comic that I found really interesting and exciting, but I don't think Daryl was as fussed about its presence as I was. Anyway, after this unnecessarily involved intro here it is:

Sunday, September 19, 2010

'Vestal Tendencies', by MisComp

Hi all. MisComp is my web-comic-blog thing, by me, Nick. I live in Bristol, England, and (amongst other things) am friends with Simon M. of Smoo Comics. He's been drawing comics for a while now, and it was a couple of years ago that I decided to borrow this 'comic' format he kept going on about to explore another creative outlet. Like Simon's work, my own is semi-autobiographical. Unlike his work, I can't draw all that well. Never mind. I've kept at it, and recently even got a pretty good review from Kevin at Optical Sloth.

The title 'Misinterpreted Complications' comes from my collection of thoughts and writings as a teenager (a few years ago now), which covered the usual banal misunderstandings and grievances of youth. Whilst in the last decade I've grown up a bit, there is still plenty about being/Being in the world that leaves me perplexed, and I think its partly for that reason why I've continued with the title - as a nod to a life project of coming to terms with it all... but maybe also partly because I couldn't think of anything else to call my web-comic.

I try and draw roughly three comics a month, all of which are available on my site I've included a recent one below, 'Vestal Tendencies', although its probably one of the least funny that I've drawn for a while. Sorry about that. - © Nick S. 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Feedback comics

Hey gang, really incredible work up here. my name is John Isaacson, and I know Mike from comics conventions around Portland. I've been making a quarterly zine of concert reviews in comics format called Feedback. I'm up to issue eight and you can check it out at Powells or Reading Frenzy if you're curious. I recently started digitally coloring the strips because they were picked up for the Willamette Week's music blog, so color is free. But it takes forever to color the strips! If anyone has any advice on how to color strips quickly and efficiently (digitally), please let me know or I'll probably start coloring them by hand. Keep up the great posts!