Sunday, September 19, 2010

'Vestal Tendencies', by MisComp

Hi all. MisComp is my web-comic-blog thing, by me, Nick. I live in Bristol, England, and (amongst other things) am friends with Simon M. of Smoo Comics. He's been drawing comics for a while now, and it was a couple of years ago that I decided to borrow this 'comic' format he kept going on about to explore another creative outlet. Like Simon's work, my own is semi-autobiographical. Unlike his work, I can't draw all that well. Never mind. I've kept at it, and recently even got a pretty good review from Kevin at Optical Sloth.

The title 'Misinterpreted Complications' comes from my collection of thoughts and writings as a teenager (a few years ago now), which covered the usual banal misunderstandings and grievances of youth. Whilst in the last decade I've grown up a bit, there is still plenty about being/Being in the world that leaves me perplexed, and I think its partly for that reason why I've continued with the title - as a nod to a life project of coming to terms with it all... but maybe also partly because I couldn't think of anything else to call my web-comic.

I try and draw roughly three comics a month, all of which are available on my site I've included a recent one below, 'Vestal Tendencies', although its probably one of the least funny that I've drawn for a while. Sorry about that. - © Nick S. 2010

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