Friday, August 19, 2011

escape pod alpha page 10


  1. I like how this is going down! Is it supposed to be wordless or are you going to letter it? Or am I a total idiot for asking such a question?!? Choose the latter, I won't be offended! honest! Hahahaha! Anyway nice work sir.

  2. Thanks, and no you're not an idiot for asking about the lettering. I did letter it, but I'm pitching it to several publishers so I thought I should post the art only...
    I was going to letter it digitally, but couldn't get a copy of illustrator so I lettered it by hand and pasted the balloons in photoshop. I think it came out really good, but god do I hate hand lettering.

  3. I love hand lettering! I think it's worth it, it always looks better, if you ask me. To be honest, I don't think computer lettering would "suit" the art, anyway, it's too slick, and your drawing is anything but slick--slick in the soulless, corporate, devoid-of-life sense, I mean! Good luck with the pitches. Hand lettering for life!

    All the best,